Agreement over renewal of the salary system has been reached

The whole reserve for salary increases in the new collective agreement will be used for the increase of salaries of the university personnel. ”This is the balanced solution which we at JUKO aimed for since the beginning,” says negotiation manager Markku Kojo from JUKO , the Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals.

JUKO’s negotiation manager Markku Kojo had faith in the positive solution concerning the renewal of the university salary system, even though the issue caused most friction during the collective bargaining of the university sector during winter 2018.

”We at JUKO always aim for a just and reasonable solution. Now I am happy for the fact that mutual understanding was found and the state of emergency after difficult collective bargaining last winter is finally over. The parties recognize each other as equal partners. Now we move forward together,” Markku Kojo views the developments and result of negotiations.

Last winter’s collective bargaining for the university sector’s collective agreement ended with the acceptance of the conciliation proposal made by the national conciliator in March 2018. At the same time the parties agreed to continue preparations for the renewal of the salary system in a joint working group that was due end of September. The working group has come together even daily during early fall.

Money used for the renewal of the salary system is 0,5 % of the total salary sum by January 1, 2019. The parties have agreed that this will be used in total for the increase of salaries of the university personnel.

”People at the universities are a mainstay of Finnish civilization and learning. Without their efforts also Finnish innovation activities would be small-scale. Because of state authorities’ decisions, universities have faced financial difficulties and university staff has been flexible and adaptive to fulfil universities’ legal function. The coming increase of salary is thus more than deserved,” Markku Kojo emphasises.

Comments on the agreement

”Negotiation process is cooperation. In university culture there is a risk to be divided between employer and employee parties and communality and mutual goals can be forgotten. Now the willingness of the employee organisations led to a joint solution. Now we can continue forward in spirit of good collaboration.”
Erja Kosonen,
chief shop steward,
University of Jyväskylä

”Wonderful that reason overcame and the cold atmosphere of last winter’s collective bargaining is now over. This gives faith that we can continue and solve together remaining challenges.”
Antero Puhakka,
chief shop steward,
University of Eastern Finland

”University personnel has thus been told that they are an important part of society, not simply an expenditure. Symbols of job appreciation are an important part in any work community. The costs of this solution will be repaid multiple times by increased productivity. Finland needs this kind of team spirit.”
Reima Suomi,
chief shop steward, University of Turku

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