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  • 7/14
    Editorial Seppo Sainio:
    Restricted Resources
    Begränsade resurser
    From far away across the sea
    The Halving of the University Index is Being Compensated with a Lump Sum
    Cutbacks in Research Institutes
    Many University Rectors Wish to Undermine the Dual Model
    Professorial Work is Becoming Increasingly Scattered
    Using open data to improve the society
    Good And Bad Aspects to Be Found in the New Funding Arrangement for Doctoral Students Working on a Scholarship  
    Column Ben Mathias:
    Students and Employers
    Slowly figuring out Finns and becoming one  
    Acid test  
    Academic Self-Defence Courses:
    Looking Back and Planning Ahead
    Copyrights of the Teaching Personnel
    How to Reach an Agreement
    The Tough Case of Professor Nutt  
    Pääkirjoitus Seppo Sainio:
    Rajalliset resurssit
    The Finnish labor legislation an introduction part 3  
    Hallitusten päätöksiä  
    Professors Rock & Rolled in Tampere